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I have known Dr. Satheesh Kathula for the last 25 years. I had a chance to work with him in multiple organizations in our Dayton community and i have spent even more time with him as a physician colleague. We were also board members together for the Miami Valley Area Physicians of Indian Origin (MVAPI) when he served as Chapter President. He is wonderful human being and great leader. He has served the Indian community in the Dayton area very well. He was instrumental in building the community hall in Dayton. He will be an excellent Vice President to lead AAPI into the future. I wish him the best of luck and success during this election. 

- Mahendra Patel, MD  

Founding Member of MVAPI

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Satheesh is a very hard working leader and a kind human being with great character. I strongly support his candidacy for Vice President of National AAPI.

 - Padmanand Solanki MD

AAPI NE Ohio & Western PA ,

Past President ,Board of Trustees.

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Dr.Kathula has been a strong foot soldier of AAPI and has done tremendous work in the various positions he has held at AAPI.
He is a proven leader and is a great asset for AAPI and the medical profession.

He is a wonderful cheerleader for "our future",the next generation of Indian American Physicians.

 - Siraj Ahmed , MD, FCCP
Life member AAPI

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I have known Dr. Kathula M.D. as a colleague, physician, clinician, leader and, philanthropist for over the last 25 years.  His work has earned him numerous awards and recognitions, I am going to highlight just few of them. He was awarded the MAN  OF YEAR OF LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY OF MIAMI VALLEY in 2018 and has served on the Board of the same. He was awarded the prestigious title of HIND RATAN from Indian government for his leadership and other roles in USA.
His work for local and national AAPI has been known to almost all of us. Satheesh Kathula recently played a key role in raising and distributing of 5.5 million dollars for COVID relief in India. He was chair of Adopt a Village Committee working to improve healthcare in rural India, Cochair of Global Health Summit from 2019 to 2022 and cochair of Veterans Obesity Awareness campaign. He has ethically, exceptionally and professionally, lead AAPI in various official capacities as treasurer and secretary and member of Board of Trustee’s.
I am also proud of his involvement in organized Medicine and local and state level.
With so many accomplishments I have no hesitation in recommending him for serving AAPI as its VICE- PRESIDENT. I am voting for him in upcoming election and urge all of you to join me in voting for Dr Satheesh Kathula M.D.

- Deepak Kumar M.D. FACS FACRS
Past president Ohio State Medical Association
Past president State Medical Board of Ohio
Immediate Past chair IMG section of AMA

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I have known Dr. Satheesh Kathula for several years as a fellow oncologist and as an AAPI leader. I had an opportunity to work with him on several oncology related projects  including Global Health Summit in India, community outreach programs in the US, etc. He is very efficient, knowledgeable, and is an excellent leader. I have no doubt he would be a great Vice President .I wish him all the best.

- Padma Shri Dattatteyudu Nori, MDRadiation Oncologist, New York

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I have the pleasure of knowing Satheesh Kathula for 20 plus years as a colleague and a friend. He has impeccable leadership skills, high integrity and an excellent reputation in the community. His contributions to organized medicine are very commendable. It is my honor to endorse him for the Vice President  of AAPI.

Meenakshi Patel, MD
President, MVAPI

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As a past president of Toledo Physicians of Indian Origins - TOPI I would like to endorse Dr. Satheesh Kathula for AAPI Vice President. Please vote for him as he has been and continues to have strong commitment with his proven leadership towards helping the American Physicians of Indian Origin AAPI.

- Manisha Pandey, MD
Past President, TOPI

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I have observed him for many years in AAPI and he has done a tremendous service. He has passion for helping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and other non profit organizations. 

Please remember.. this is not only an election for Vice President but for President of AAPI! Satheesh has a an excellent reputation in the organization and all the qualities to become one of the best presidents of AAPI! It i is my pleasure to endorse him. 

- Sanku Rao, MD
Past President, AAPI

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I have known Dr. Kathula for a quarter of a century and I have followed his service to AAPI for more than a decade.

Dr. Kathula has the vision, the integrity and the spirit of service to roll up his sleeves and work hard on behalf of the physicians of AAPI.

He is proven leader who has the ability to bring people together and accomplish the goals of AAPI.

He has a clear understanding of the issues faced by practicing physicians now and the challenges faced by the next generation of physicians of Indian American origin.

He has devoted a significant portion of his life in service and in supporting philanthropic activities.

I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Dr. Kathula for the vice president of AAPI.

- Vidya Kora, MD
Past President, Indiana State Medical Association 
Past Chair, AMAPAC
Delegate, AMA

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